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How to use a flare flutter animation in flutter

This Tutorials is posted by at 11-12-2018 15:12:49

1. Create Flare File 
and then export with *.flr file, my file is named  'sunny_rotate.flr' 
2. Set the asset path
in your pubspec.yaml file, you could set like this.
    - assets/animation/sunny_rotate.flr
3. set package
in your pubspec.yaml file ,you should set : ``flare_flutter: ^1.0.2``

4. Use in dart file
import 'package:flare_flutter/flare_actor.dart';
              animation: "sunny_rotate",
              fit: BoxFit.contain,
              alignment: Alignment.topRight,
It is easy,so let go to do it now.

The whole project is here: 
you can check out it and run yourself.


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