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Fastest emulator for Flutter Mobile Development

This Article is posted by at 22-11-2018 15:46:23

Hi All,
Before I share the fastest emulator details, I would like to share my issue first. I own a Laptop with 4th Gen i3 Processor, 12GB ram and 512GB SSD. But still, my emulator is not usable. So, I decided to connect my mobile and start learning flutter. This worked for a bit.
Later I found that Flutter Inspector is a cool feature to use, but this requires the emulator to run faster. I tried to use the emulator on current spec, but that didn't work out. 
Then after a bit of research, I found we have the option to use Genymotion emulator. Check out here,
So, I installed it and started using it. It works great. I'm happy that I was able to use the flutter inspector feature very well. At least for now, I delayed my new laptop purchase. 

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